The statement that has changed was number one- most kids who join gangs do it because they are bad kids and want other kids like them to get into trouble with. Before reading the novel the Outsiders, I had answered yes for that statement and agreed that most kids who join gangs do it because they are bad kids, but now that I have read the novel, I have learned allot, and realised that children who join gangs aren’t bad children at all. Kids mostly join gangs for protection either because their parents have passed away or their parents don’t care about them. A gang not only provides protection but also love. Most kids like Johnny join gangs to be loved, since his parents couldn’t care less about him. People in gangs don’t like getting into trouble, I have learned that most don’t have a great education, and stealing and drug dealing become a normal part of their daily life’s to survive.

  1)Why do you think that most parents aren’t aware of the segregation between the Socs and Greasers
I think that most parents aren’t aware of the segregation between the Socs and the Greasers because, the parents of the Greasers, don’t care what they do, or their parents have passed away. For the Socs there parents are busy with work, also their parents could never imagine their well educated child being in a gang like that
2) Why is Darry so worried when Ponyboy tells him he had a dream the night before?
Darry gets worried because Ponyboy only gets the dream when he is very nervous and scared, the last time he had the dream was when is parents died. Darry doesn’t want Ponyboy to worry, because everything is going to turn out fine.
3)How does Soda feel when his girlfriend Sandy moves away?
Soda feels depressed, he really liked Sandy, and he wanted to spent the rest of his life with her, but when she leaves, Soda feels heart broken.
4)Why does Ponyboy hate the Socs in the mustang?
Ponyboy hates the Socs in the mustang, because it reminds him of how rich they are. The Socs have everything, and they bully the Greases for a hobby. Also the Socs in the mustang were the ones that beat him up for just being a Greaser.
5) What does Ponyboy realise when he listening to Randy and Cherry talk about Bob?
Ponyboy realises that Bob was actually a pretty nice guy if you got to know him. Ponyboy realises that Cherry loves him allot, and that Socs and Greaser have allot in common and if they wanted they could become really good friends.

1) What does Darry tell Ponyboy after the fier? How does this make Ponyboy feel?
Darry tells Ponyboy that he was so sorry about what happend, and that he was so worried about him. This makes Pobyboy feel happy, he never thought Darry would ever love him, but he does, he just hasent shown it until that very moment.
2)How does Ponyby feel about hunting? Why is he afraid to tell Dally he feels this way?
Ponyboy doesent like hunting, He doesent like hurting or killing things, he could never stand and see an inocent animal die. Ponyboy doesnt tell this to Dally, because Dally would tease him about it, and think that he is weak.
3)How does Johnny feel like when he finds out his parents arents looking for him?
Johnny feels sad and lonly, he knew that his parents didnt care about him, bit he sitll had some hope that maybey one day they would be worried about him, and learn their mistakes and care and love him more, but finidng out that Johnny hs been missing for days and his parents dont care, or dont even notice makes Johnny feel lonley and mad.
4)What does Dally mean when he says that he is worried tha Ponyboy and Johnny getting "hardened in jail"?
Dally has been in jail many times, and from his experience people there dont treat you very nice. Dally suffered alot when he was in jail, this is why he is so though, but he doesent want Johnny and Ponyboy having to go trough what he has, he wants them both to have a good life a better one that he is living.
5) Why is Johnny happy to be in the burning church?
  Johnny is happy to be in the burning church because he is saving the lifes of innocent children. Johnny feels like his life is usless and he would be happier to save someone elses life dangering his, because that special life that he savedn might end up blossoming, and having a better life that him.  
Why do you think Ponyboy loves going to the movies? What roles to movies play in your life? What do movies do for Ponyboy?
I think that Ponyboy loves going to the movies because it takes his mind away from all the problems that he is going through. Even though Ponyboy looks like a tough guy, he has allot of week spots. Ponyboy is going through so much in his life,but when he goes to the movies, all those problems are forgotten and Ponybopy can relax and think about nothing but how the movie will end up.
I like watching movies t just like Ponyboy movies give me a time to forget everything and have fun.
What does Ponyboy mean when he says that he does well in school but "doesn't use his head"?
 He means that he is good with books, and writing but when he is in the streets with the Greasers Ponyboy is lost, and doesn't think, about the simplest and safest things.
What are some of the reasons that Ponyboy gives for Darry's strict rules? Why doesn't Ponyboy think that Darry loves him?
Ponyboy gives for Darrys strict rules beacause darry and soda are the only family he has left and they both know what is best for Ponyboy. Ponyboy doesent think that Darry loves him because Darry is really strickt wiht him, but Darry does love Ponyboy, he just wants him to have a good future and not end up like him.
What is Johnnys life at home? What do the Greasers give Johnny that he doesent expireience at home?
At home Johnny is not cared for, he gets ignored and neither his mom or dad look after him. The Greasers give Johnny love and protection, which his family would never do.
How does Ponyboy feel when the Socs tease him?
Ponyboy feels scared, and mad at the same time. The socs are rich and wealthy incompared to the Greasers who are very poor, and strongly depend on each other. This makes the Socs think that it is ok to tease a Greaser.
Life of Reilly 02/16/2012
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1. Summarize the events of this article in 2 or 3 sentences.

 The article life of Riley is about a team of prisoners who are playing a sport against another team. The coach wants to do something special for the prisoners, and show them that people do care for them. So the coach asks everyone in the audience to cheer for them. When the prisoners heard the cheer in the crowd, they feel shocked to know that so many people care for them 

2. What is unusual about Gainesville State School?

 Gainesville State School is unusual because it’s a Juvenile detention center, which has teams for sports.

3. Knowing where the boys on this team go to school, what do you expect them to look like? Why do you think that is?

The boys from the other school would look tough, and dangerous. They would look like this because they have gone through so much, at such a young age. They are in the Juvenile because they had done something wrong. This could be because of the lack of education or lack of love and care from their parents.

4. How does the Statement by the Gainesville player show examples of stereotyping?

It shows an example of stereotyping; because it shows that just because someone is a prisoner doesn’t necessary make them a bad person that is not worth talking to, or ignoring. People go to prison to learn a lesson, for doing something bad, this doesn’t necessary make them someone to be scared of, or think as being “different". Of Corse being in prison is nothing to be proud of but you can always learn from your mistakes.

2) Why does Ponyboy dream about the country?
Ponboy dreams about the county because, he dreams about a place without Greasers and Socs, but ordinary people. Ponyboy doesn't want to be in any group and than be judged by it, but he wants to be jugged by who he really is.
3) Why does Ponyboy think that Dally could never love anyone or anything?
Ponyboy thinks that because Dally, has gone through so many hard things in his life, and that’s why he is so strict at Ponyboy because he wants him to have a nice life and not like on he had. Since he basically had to grow up by himself, that's why Ponyboy thinks he will never love anything because he’s gone through so much, in life that he will never feel love or share it.
4) why does Ponyboy feel bad when he talks about his home life with Johnny?
Ponyboy feels bad because he knows that he will never see his brothers again, and he misses all the good times he had had with them. But he also feels bad because when he talks about his life to Johnny he feels bad because Johnny never really had someone to love him, except the Greasers.
5) what does Ponyboy believe isn’t fair about being a Greaser?
Ponyboy believes it isn’t fair being a Greaser because people sometimes judge them wrong. When people see Ponyboy they get scared ,and don’t want to hang out with him, just because he is a Greaser.

Ponyboy recalls this poem because, things aren’t going so good, Johnny has killed someone ,and Ponybohy and Johnny have to run away from the police since Johnny did a crime and Ponyboy was with him. The poem says that nothing good will stay forever, and that things will change, and Ponyboy know that he will probably never see his brother again, and all the good times have past. I think this poem symbolises that as much as you want something to stay forever, it wont and you have to accept what changes comes.

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